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Massage Therapy Treatments

Serving Women of All Ages

Reproductive Health -- Fertility
          Therapeutic sessions to align and prepare a woman's body for conception. Modalities include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Cranio-sacral, Aromatherapy, Castor-oil pack for abdominal cleansing

     Therapeutic side-lying session designed to safely relieve the discomforts of pregnancy, create space for the baby through targeted stretching, and encourage optimal fetal position for delivery. Modalities include Swedish and Deep Tissue, Passive stretching, Reflexology, and Aromatherapy. 

     Therapeutic session to promote healing and recovery after a birth, stimulate lactation, relieve pain, and re-align internal structures. Modalities include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Castor-oil pack for abdominal healing and cleansing.

Body Balance -- Stress/Pain Management
     Therapeutic session to address specific problem areas or systemic stress. Modalities may include Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Passive stretching, Aromatherapy, Moist heat, Castor-oil packs.

Reproductive Health -- Menopause
     Coming soon.

     Therapeutic session to relieve the symptoms of depression or anxiety. Modalities may include Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage, Cranio-sacral, Trigger Point, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Moist heat, Castor-oil packs.

Illness/Injury Recovery
     Therapeutic session to aid the body in recovering from a recent illness or injury, including scar-tissue massage to alleviate adhesions and reduce scar tissue thickness. Modalities may include: Swedish and Deep Tissue massage, Reflexology, Moist heat, Castor-oil packs, or Aromatherapy.

Massage Supplies
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Massage Therapy Sessions & Rates

$95.00  |  LH Studio 

$110.00  |  LH Studio 

$130.00  |  LH Studio 

60 Minute Customized Massage 

75 Minute Customized Massage

90 Minute Customized Massage

Scheduling, Location and Payment
Just complete and submit the contact form. Whitney will be in touch to find the perfect time.

  • Direct booking at your convenience.

  • Flexible hours, including evenings and weekends.

  • No cancellation fees.

  • Fully customized sessions to address specific needs.

Whitney sees clients in her home-studio in Fairfax, Virginia, near the intersection of Little River Turnpike (Route 236) and Pickett Road.

Since LH is a small business, Whitney chooses to avoid the hefty bank and credit care fees. She accepats payment through Venmo, Zelle, personal check or cash.

When you book a massage, Whitney will provide directions, parking and payment  instructions.

Relaxing Massage
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