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To enhance the wellness of women

To increase understanding and appreciation of the astonishing female body

To help women find joy, confidence, comfort, and support, in their journeys

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My journey as a professional woman, a mother, and a daughter has led me to focus on women’s health and wellness, particularly fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause. I love everything about the mind-blowing abilities of women’s bodies! We make new people! We go through the gestation process, allowing new people to draw everything they need from our bodies, stretching us in every impossible direction. Then we overcome the incredible challenge of giving birth – a transformative process unlike any other except maybe being born or dying. Next, we nurture the new people with our bodies while returning to our starting place so that we can do it all over again if we choose. I join with many cultures past and present that have venerated these capacities of the female body!

I feel like much in our culture teaches us that the female body is less -- less physically strong than a man's body, riddled with disruptive hormones and hormonal variations, unattractive unless we can attain a reality-defying (for the most part) level of thinness. I want to be a voice and a presence for change. I want to help women celebrate their lives and their bodies. I want to encourage all of my sisters to see themselves as beautiful, capable, important, amazing!

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