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In my practice, all are welcome.

I work with people of any age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, physical or mental ability, ethnicity, or perspective.  I believe that inclusiveness is so much more than a word; it underpins my thoughts and actions, all the time.  I try to approach everyone I encounter with sensitivity and understanding.  I don’t make any assumptions.  I learn your preferences and abide by them.  ​


 I will not stand by and allow anyone  to be treated with unkindness, disrespect, or hurtful ignorance.  I will engage, without rancor, to support you and to help others on their learning journeys.


As I watch my children and grandchildren grow and find their way into the future, I am more and more convinced that traditional gender roles need to adapt to a changing reality. I love and accept everyone’s right to choose how they fit in to society and what roles they want to play. I find beauty in the fluidity and the ability to challenge assumptions while always looking for kindness, acceptance, healing, and love.


If I get the privilege of working with you as a teacher, doula, or massage therapist, know that I will bring an open and attentive mind, loving hands, and a spirit of joy and healing to our time together.

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