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Wellness for Women 

Welcome! Here you will find therapeutic treatment options, workshops and classes that inform and support women and families through their adventures in conception, pregnancy, childbirth, recovery, and everything else along the way. There are  workshops and classes for individuals, couples, massage therapists, doulas, nurses, and other practitioners.

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Wellness for Women


Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor Stimulation,  Postpartum, Infant, Menopause, Reflexology


  •  Childbirth Education Classes

  • Birth Professional Classes

  • Doula Workshops on basic massage for pregnancy/labor/postpartum

  • Massage Therapy CEUs related to Pregnancy/Labor/Postpartum, Fertility, Menopause, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Lymph Drainage

Upcoming Classes & Workshops in 2024

Massage Therapist CEUs:

Whitney teaches a variety of NCBTMB-approved massage therapy CEU workshops at the American Massage and Bodywork Institute (AMBI) in Vienna, VA. She leads a variety of workshops that introduce LMTs to new modalities. In addition, she offers workshops through Claire Marie Miller Seminars on Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum, and Menopause massage.

Evidence Based Birth Childbirth Education Classes

Using all of her knowledge and experience as a birth doula, a massage therapist/CEU instructor, and an Evidence Based Birth instructor, Whitney offers in-person/live-online hybrid childbirth education classes for expecting couples in the Norther Virginia and DC Metro area. The in-person meetings take place at AMBI in Vienna, VA.

About Whitney

Thank you for visiting my website! Please know as you read on that I use the word “woman” in the biological sense, meaning a person who was born with the female reproductive organs. I do not intend for this to be a political statement in any way.

I am first and foremost a teacher and a supporter of women on their journey through life. I believe in empowering wellness through knowledge, loving kindness, and therapeutic touch. These days, my work-life is a mix of teaching, supporting women as a birth doula, and taking care of all kinds of people through massage therapy. I am a proud instructor for Evidence Based Birth® and for Claire Marie Miller Seminars®. I am also the Continuing Education Instructor at the American Massage and Bodywork Institute.


My journey has led me to focus on women’s health and wellness, particularly fertility, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum, and menopause. I love everything about the mind-blowing abilities of women’s bodies! We make new people! We go through the gestation process, allowing new people to draw everything they need from our bodies, stretching us in every impossible direction. Then we overcome the incredible challenge of giving birth – a transformative process unlike any other except maybe being born or dying. Next, we nurture the new people with our bodies while returning to our starting place so that we can do it all over again if we choose. I join with many cultures past and present that have venerated these capacities of the female body!


But I feel like our modern American culture has forgotten many important lessons and has devalued the significance of giving life. We treat the birthing process like a malady that needs to be cured in the hospital. We teach ourselves that birth is dangerous, and that women’s bodies cannot do it without all kinds of extra help. We terrorize ourselves by focusing on the plethora of horror stories and risks instead of gathering real, solid information based on evidence. I am one of many voices trying to help women set aside the fearmongering and reclaim the magic and the power of our abilities.


As I watch my children and grandchildren grow and find their way into the future, I am more and more convinced that traditional gender roles need to adapt to a changing reality. I love and accept everyone’s right to choose how they fit in to society and what roles they want to play. I find beauty in the fluidity and the ability to challenge assumptions while always looking for kindness, acceptance, healing, and love. If I get the privilege of working with you as a teacher, doula, or massage therapist, know that I will bring an open and attentive mind, loving hands, and a spirit of joy and healing to our time together.

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Massage Treatments

Fertility, Pregnancy, Labor, Postpartum, Menopause, Reflexology

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage involves strong pressure and slow moving strokes designed to penetrate through multiple layers of tissue. Many people find deep work essential to helping them overcome stress-related pain and restricted range of motion. Clients often feel relief even after the first session, and over time they experience lasting improvement in their well-being. I find that many of my clients benefit from a combination of deep tissue work and deep, passive stretching, which restores balance to the body and ease of motion.

Find Out More

Whitney was great deep tissue massage therapist.  She cared for my wellness and is very deliberate with how she breaks down knots while helping to relieve your pain and in my case, severe migraines.  I will definitely be going back to see her.  She’s excellent!

Derrick W.  Feb. 2021

If you need significant tissue, tendon, or muscle work done, Whitney … is your person!  She has the anatomy knowledge and the strength to target work, unlike any massage therapist I’ve ever had.

Tracy O. May 2021

Whitney is an excellent masseuse.  She worked on several smaller muscles around the neck and shoulders that no other masseuse had worked on; that made a big difference.  I appreciate her skill in applying strong pressure when she works on back muscles.  She is a great asset…

Michael H.  March 2021

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