Training Courses

Whitney offers training courses related to her expertise in the birth world, as both a birth doula and massage therapist. Her classes are designed to give the students specific new skills that they can begin using the next day.

Massage Continuing Education | Prenatal/Postpartum Certification

Natural Healing

Whitney is an Instructor for Claire Marie Miller’s nationally and internationally known massage continuing education training course, Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy, and Postpartum Massage. The course can be offered in two formats: a 3-day 24 CE course or a 2-day 16 CE for spa workers. Both courses are NCBTM approved and offer Certification in prenatal and postpartum massage. Whitney learned about Claire’s training courses through the massage therapy grapevine and fell in love with Claire’s method and techniques as soon as she received the training. She uses Claire’s method daily when working on prenatal and postpartum clients, all of whom report lasting relief and comfort. Whitney pursued instructor training with Claire and is proud to begin offering Nurturing the Mother® Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage classes in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area. Whitney and Claire are also planning to begin offering classes in Anchorage, Alaska, beginning in 2023.

24 CE Course | $475

16 CE Course | $325

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Massage Techniques for Doulas

An Ancient Science

As both a practicing birth doula and a massage therapist, Whitney regularly provides comfort, support, and relief to expecting and laboring women through a few simple massage techniques focused on the most common discomforts of pregnancy and labor.

Whitney offers a ½-day training seminar (4 hours) for birth doulas interested in learning these techniques. For expecting mothers, the class focuses on techniques to relieve swelling, ease the pain of lower back and pelvic pain and sciatica, and help relieve the stiffness of the third trimester.

For labor and delivery, the class focuses on techniques helpful in labor both for comfort and to help guide the baby into the best possible position for delivery.

4-hour Course |  $85

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Partner Assisted Massage, Stretching, and Comfort Techniques

Building connection and enhancing support

Especially during the third trimester, expecting women often experience discomfort, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, lower back pain, swelling of hands and feet, muscles cramps, and sometimes even nerve pain like sciatica. With just a little training, partners or friends can provide a great deal of help and relief, safely, whenever the expecting momma needs some relief.

Whitney teaches the basic mechanics of a few massage and stretching techniques and how to apply them safely and gently. She also helps the momma and partner learn to work together and develop routines that help manage stress and pain. This is a 2-hour class that Whitney offers both to her doula client families and to anyone interested in providing this kind of support to an expecting mother.

 2-hour Course | $115 Per Couple ($95 for NBD Clients)

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